Small Teapot

Small Teapot or Diffuser

Bombilla & Gourd

Pronounce bomb-bee-ya, a bombilla, is essentially a straw with a strainer at the end that is used to drink loose leaf tea without straining it first. A Tea Gourd is used in combination with a bombilla as an all-in-one, loose leaf tea drinking apparatus.


  • Put ~2tsp of looseleaf tea (or more) into the Gourd
  • Bring water to desired temperature (varies by the tea you’re drinking)
  • Pour hot water into the tea gourd and allow to steep
  • Once tea has steeped, insert bombilla, sip carefully & enjoy!

Note: you can keep pouring hot water into the Gourd for additional cups of tea. If you plan to do this, use more like 4-5tsp of loose leaf tea.