Want to Avoid/Reverse Heart Disease?

In recent studies, it has become apparent that caffeine can help you to avoid or reverse heart disease! Yes – you read that right, caffeine is good for you! That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The Fine Print: well… it is and it isn’t too good to be true.
Here’s the catch, caffeine from coffee actually has the opposite affect. While it is unclear why this is, it is known that there are thousands of compounds in caffeinated coffee (other than caffeine) and any of them could be responsible! Sorry coffee lovers… 🙁

That being said, caffeine from other sources contributes significantly to the migration of and development of robust networks of endothelial progenitor cells. Ok, now we know what you’re thinking, “Wait a second… What!??”, but stick with us here. In plain English endothelial progenitor cells are the stems cells that travel through our circulatory system and repair/patch the “potholes” in your artery walls. This is a necessary and normal function in our bodies. Over time our bodies become damaged by normal wear and tear, sicknesses, cancerous cells, etc and our immune systems go about repairing the damage.

In heart disease patients, artery walls are punctured more often than in healthy individuals and as a result the circulatory system overall begins to lose function. The endothelial progenitor cells in heart disease patients simply cannot keep up with the damage being done and the disease progresses. As such, a significant increase in endothelial progenitor cells is exactly what a heart disease patient needs! Enter caffeine from stage right, but remember: NOT FROM COFFEE!!!

So… what then are we to drink if not coffee!?

The answer is simple. Tea – Organic Green, Black and Yerba Mate tea specifically. The chemical make up of these three teas contain all of the benefits of the caffeine molecule (which stimulates the growth, movement, dispersement and reproduction of endothelial progenitor cells), but none of the harmful compounds found in caffeinated coffees.

Green, Black, and/or Yerba Mate – all three of these tea types contain caffeine molecules in varying degrees Of course, this is not to mention all the other antioxidants these three teas also offer as an added bonus to your body and immune system.

May the Tea Be With You!

And, by the way we will be launching the online version of our retail tea shop in the coming days, stay tuned and do your heart a favor: have a cup of tea!